When we lived on the Canal du Midi some 22 years ago, we often visited the Etang (salt lake) of Bages to eat ice-cream and watch Flamingos drifting in the waters. When it was calm weather the smell of the sea-weed in the warmth was sometimes over-bearing.

This particulier day of photography, the waters were so still that the dark clouds reflected themselves creating a double sky. It was so over-powering that we almost felt sucked into the water by the three dimensionality of the image. It got to the point of almost being scary but irresistibly beautiful. The serene and magical experience of this piece of water on the earth ball presents itself different every time. It is like it has a life of its own with its own story and evolution with time, subtle and yet strong in its expression. It leaves one baffled with the questions of life reflected in its very waters.

This day marked a special destination for life, and hopefully capturing its power in image.